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Hi again! This is just a super quick update. We've arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland safe & sound! It's stunning here. We're going to do a free walking tour at 11, which should be informative & fun! Our 5 day tour of scotland begins tomorrow - we're both really excited for it! Haggis time! Peace out xo

P.s. Mum, you would've loved the Cotswolds! The towns were so beautiful! Love Ben

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Hi everyone!
sorry for the delay in updationg the blog, we've just been so busy in London!

Monday we walked around the typical tourist spots - Picadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Buckingham Palace (saw the changing of the guards and a palace marching band), Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Wesminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Tower of London - we saw lots! lucky it was a nice sunny day, although the wind is quite chilly.

We had a picnic in St James Park (delicious vegan salad, i thought Harriet would be very proud! - although i did eat some of Ben's ham and brie baguette.....but lets forget that part)

We had dinner at a funky mexican restaurant in Covent Garden - voted the 2008 (i think) best cheap eat in the UK by some reputable source, im sure! it was nice, however we found a delicious small and equally cheap restaurant in SOHO right near where we're staying on Thursday night, where we had the best food!!

We're been really surprised by the London food - we thought (from past experience and other's words of warning, including guide books) that it would be overpriced and of poor quality. however we're been spoilt for choice here with delicious, healthy, cheap, good quality food! there is a wholefoods supermarket right near us, which is surprisingly cheap, we've eaten amazing meals at markets (Portobello, Camden, Borough), and when you search the back streets of london you stumble across great hidden gems that serve amazing and cheap food!

anyway, enough about food, for now. we've spent a good part our days taking advantage of the free museums (i loved seeing some Pollock at the Tate Modern, and the British Museums houses some excellent ancient middle eastern artefacts. the national gallery was also a highlight).

a big thanks to ben's work friends who gave us a voucher for a ride on the London Eye with a glass of champagne!! we did it Wednesday evening, and it was so so lovely. we got to see all of london at twilight, and the champagne was lovely - we'd been hanging out for the ride and the champagne and it was everything we'd hoped it would be and more! it was really special, so thankyou all again!

we have also done a day trip to Bath, which is such a beautiful city. we want to move there, its so stunning. visiting the roman baths was a highlight, as was the jane austen visitor's centre (for heidi - ben chose to wander the streets photographing various things such as pubs, barber shops, and pork and fennel sausages). we had a great meal at an old pub (they serve vegetarian food only - its cheaper and so tasty), and the train trip there and back showed us some gorgeous english countryside. we're looking dforward to more countryside tomorrow, when we do a tour of the cotswolds! then tomorrow night we are going to take an overnight bus to Edinburgh!! we're so pumped for Scotland - we're doing a tour, so itll be good to have fun with some fellow travellers and drink some beer/whisky and eat some haggis (i shall take photos of the haggis and other offal adventures).

I (heidi) have written this entry, so please excuse the interweaving "I" and "we". you get my drift im sure :) ben's washing some clothes. he says hi!

we'll update again as soon as we can! in the meantime, stay cool and peace out xo

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Travel to LONDON!

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Hi all!!
We left HK on Saturday at 9:30pm - so we had enough time in HK to spend with my (Ben's) family!! We even had time to take Ella to Victoria Park and play on a swing!! She's cute!!

HK was great - shopping, food, family, heat, crowds, shopping, walking to the peak (sore legs), running along the harbour (sore legs), visiting the buddha (sore legs), driving ben's uncle's porsche (sore legs), shopping!

However the time has come to move on to our european adventure!! first stop is london. we had a lot of stops on the trip over (6 hours in amman - went quite quickly and we actually had fun - playing "which products do we think the other would choose in the duty free section"). royal jordanian airlines were a pleasant surprise too - nice fish and comfortable seats.

we arrived in london at 3:15pm, and caught the underground in. our hostel is right in picadilly circus!! it seems nice - we're in a 10 room dorm with bunks. we#re on a strict budget in the UK - its all so expensive, however we found a cheap malaysian place for dinner - delicious beef rendang and nasi lemak. picked up some fruit and yoghhurt for breakfast. we're ready to explore london tomorrow!! trafalgar square, buckingham palace, maybe a picnic in st james park :) cant wait!

first impressions of london............vibrant, fun, funky, mr darcy, pretty buildings, nice customs officer (who thinks gold would be a good investment right now...), good train info guy - clearly we're a bit tired and need some sleep.

we'll upload some london photos soon. we should be doing day trips to Bath and the Cotswolds too.

Peace out! love ben and heidi xo

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Hong Kong

First 3 days

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Hi everyone!!

we arrived around 3pm saturday - quite tired but excited! alfred and sylvia picked us up from the airport, then we went to their apartment for a much needed shower. the weather difference threw us a bit - it's so humid and hot here (~27 degrees)!


in the evening we met some of ben's family for dinner. the restaurant was above a fresh food market in Happy Valley - highly recommend it! we had such nice food!! crispy skin chicken with about a tone of fried garlic on top, delicious bean curd with salty fish and pork, crunchy watercress with chilli! oh so good.


on sunday we had a family bbq. they had fish balls on their vegie skewers - we like their style. we also went swimming with ella and ben's cousin eugene in their club house (very fancy- like a resort). ella is so adorable, she loves splashing in her inflatable nemo (aka. finding nemo) in the water. ella watches play school and eats vegemite, so it's good to know that she is still an aussie at heart!


today we wandered around Central, Mid Levels and Causeway Bay. We had dumpling noodle soup on Stanley road, just under the escalators, in Central - amazing! its what i've been hunting since i came here (heidi talking now) - so im very pleased to have satisfied my cravings....for now. we also tried mango sago drink today - very nice and refreshing. we tried to find some shoes (dressy flats in case you're interested - for heidi...not ben). we may give it another go tomorrow. ben found some nice sun glasses from H&M though - ~$12 AUD. they're funky.


we're at amanda and bob's now. ella is just going down to sleep after some milk. we had delicious moroccan lamb and brown rice, plus greek salad for dinner.

tomorrow morning we plan to meet uncle larry (who is on the cover of a business magazine this month looking very smart and important) for breakfast at his work. we're probably going to have congee - we're excited.

in the mornings ben and i have been going for a run along the harbour from Hung Hom to Tsim Sha Tsui - its nice to run with the view of hong kong island and all the buildings (ifc, Central plaza). its a nice way to start the day!


miss you all!! we're having a blast though. we'll post some photos soon, once we get a chance to use the computer at alfred and sylvia's place.

peace out, ben and heidi

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2 more sleeps...

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Hey everyone,

We've decided to start a blog... and here it is!!

Please bookmark: http://benheidi.travellerspoint.com/

Also, if you subscribe, you'll probably get email updates on when we blog, etc...

We leave early on Saturday, 2nd May... 2 more sleeps until we fly out!!!

We'd love to hear about what you're doing while we're overseas too - so please email us over the next 6 months!!

See you soon!!

Ben & Heidi

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